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It may help you to strip away any superfluous notions to think of it as a pound of coffee or somesuch. Buyer Bob has dollars and crypto wants coffee. Sally will not part with her coffee for less than $4. Seller Sally has coffee but wants dollars. And Bob will not buy coffee for more than $3 dollars. Sam and Bill exchange coffee for dollars. A new seller, Sam enters the market and is willing to sell his coffee for $3.50. The market fails to clear at these prices. As an entrant to the market, are you guaranteed to find another buyer or seller at that price? This fact is published to the rest of the market participants; who are thereby able to conclude that at some point in the recent past that two participants were able to transact at the price of $3.50. And a new buyer, Bill, enters and is willing to buy coffee for $3.50. But it's a useful piece of data.

36Look at the top-bar of mtgox. maybe I wasn't clear: they do use only one number, only AFAIK it is not what you suggest, and it is the "last price" instead, which is a single number with an actual meaning (i.e. someone actually processed a transaction at that price).

Anyway, to answer your question, yes, USDT is probably the closest to representing the value of an actual dollar, but, as i said, it is NOT an actual dollar, and you should be really careful using them, or preferably; not use them at all.

Bitcoin is a generational revolution, a chance which comes only every few dozen lifetimes. We do not endorse any scams, ultra high risk ICO´s or exchanges with shady practices. wants to help its users to find a safe and secure way into the Bitcoin economy so we can create a better, more stable and more sound financial system for the future of us – and our kids.

Binance said in a statement that Binance Markets, which it acquired in 2020, was not yet using its regulatory permissions, and bitcoin that the FCA’s move would not impact services offered on its website.

Before thinking you can use USDT as a safe haven, you should note that more often than not, these "stablecoins" are not backed 1:1, or at least not proven to be, and that while they might be stable as of right now, that that is not a guarantee for the future.

EOSIO is a blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS. EOSIO operates as a smart contract platform and decentralized operating system intended for the deployment of industrial-scale decentralized applications. The smart contract platform claims to eliminate transaction fees and also conduct millions of transactions per second.

Every unit of this cryptocurrency in circulation is backed up by $1 that is held in reserve, in a mix of cash and short-term U.S. dollar on a 1:1 basis. USD Coin is a stablecoin that is pegged to the U.S.

Fill in this input with the US Dollar value of your current hardware, or the one you are making an estimate for (you can use our ASIC Price Index for reference here, if needed). This data input requires a miner to simply sum up the total cost of their hardware, or an estimate of the desired hardware’s price.

If you are a new miner, the myriad of inputs might make things look complicated. Unlike the simple functions, Hashrate Index’s bitcoin mining profitability calculator's advanced functions require more data to calculate a deployment's profitability.

That would mean they would have an account at a EU bank and subsequently at a NCB within the eurozone, which i highly doubt given they operate with and within "anonymous" accounts. (I highly doubt this would be allowed by the ECB and subsequently their commercial bank), If anyone could shed some more light on this and how this would actually work (I fear I might be wrong here.), I'd be extremely interested. How they are able to represent the euro in the first place within their exchange/framework, i don't know.

The lower section collects information about your hardware, like cost and power consumption, as well as operational details like power cost, revenue share, and more. The advanced calculator has two sections: the upper section has inputs related to the Bitcoin network, including bitcoin's price, difficulty, transaction fees, and other inputs related to your operation including investment period and weighted average cost of capital.

If a buy and sell transaction overlap, they are executed and removed from the system. After all such transactions are removed, you have a gap between the exchange rate at which people want to buy Bitcoins, and that at which people want to sell Bitcoins. If you divide one by the other, you have the exchange rate for that particular transaction. In both cases, it's only an estimate of the price that the next trade will take place at. Average the closest buy-sell pair of transactions and you have the exchange rate, halfway between those two, or the price of the last trade may be used. You have people that have BTC or currency already in their accounts. Those people can claim: "I will buy/sell X amount of Bitcoins for Y amount of currency".

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