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S = k-1 (Hash(m) + dA * R) mod p where: k is the random number R is the x coordinate derived form the random number k dA is the signing private key m is the transaction data p is the prime order of the elliptic curve.

A fine point which nobody is mentioning here is this: when speaking FOR God – one must be held to a higher standard that we are accustomed to. How many lies do you need to pronounce to become a Liar? How many false pronunciations must you make to become a false prophet? If God is speaking a word through man (theoretically): it cannot fail, and there will be no error in its’ manifestation. If you have any kind of inquiries relating to where and ways to utilize Binance, you could contact us at our web site. We place a value on something by the percentage of correctness. Man may esteem a ‘more-or-less’, sloppy , close enough type of ‘prophesy’: but why would God settle for less than His own perfect nature? God being God – won’t allow less than perfection in His name.

Or rather, it's misleading information. Developer's comment refers to one of those algorithms that emulate randomness, but it does not address how Catan Universe probably does not use one of those, or uses an adjusted algorithm . For everyone that knows a little about software development and computers in general, should know as a fact that perfect randomness is simply not achievable. This folk is a half-lie or a half-spoken reality. (here an interesting article about it Stack Overflow [] ).

Inmiddels schommelt de koers ergens rond $20.000 per bitcoin. De volatiliteit van de afgelopen maanden zal niemand ontgaan zijn. Bitcoin stond in november van 2021 heel kort op een prijs van $69.000 op verschillende grote beurzen. Een minder verrassende statistiek vinden we bij de prijs.

If a user was transacting with a peer or depositing funds into a smart contract, they would be able to manually verify that the address of the counterparty was correct. If addresses were human-readable, much of these types of losses could be prevented.

Je kunt uit deze statistiek geen harde conclusies trekken. Het hergebruik van adressen is niet aan te raden om privacy redenen. Mede daardoor zijn er veel gebruikers van bitcoin die meer dan één adres gebruiken om mee te sparen.

I am a lover of Catan, played the game since I was 14 years old, in the Netherlands with my family. I know that on Catan Universe I am just one of the many who have gotten incredibly frustrated by the dice distribution that appears to be so much against reality.

First, the relevant scripture.. It follows another piece I had written about the Olivet Discourse. [Part 1] Daniel is a tough study. I wrote a piece for my friends in 2020. It would post as a whole without getting a 404 error, so I split it into three parts.

The Board also recognizes the important role the Foundation plays in the blockchain ecosystem and the importance of providing active governance, designed to ensure the safety and soundness of the operations within the VeChainThor blockchain. The Board is responsible for establishing the general oversight and bitcoin framework, bitcoin including the design of the operating rules of the blockchain, intended to achieve these goals. The Board represents the VeChainThor blockchain stakeholders’ interest in long-term development of the technical infrastructure, business expansion, and VET value enhancement.

Namecoin allowed users to build subdomains and websites on top of the .bit TLD. The first crypto projects aiming to achieve a decentralized DNS was one of the first Bitcoin forks (and first altcoins in general) ever - Namecoin, with its first block mined as far back as Apr 2011. With the selling point of having private web traffic and a distributed and trustless system to attest that subdomains are legitimate (instead of centralized CAs), Namecoin remained as one of the top performing altcoins during the early stages of the crypto industry.

He adds much richness to discussion, and I am yet to see him be disparaging or disrespectful to others on this forum. I think you will find he was just commenting on the weather……. stating that it was a lovely day in his part of the world. Dawn, Anthony is a long standing, well respected commenter here at USAWATCHDOG. He has a keen mind, and is always on point with his assessments regarding the state of our world. Regards, Ray, Canberra, LapDoglia. If he cannot say that without coming under a barrage of criticism, well……I am not sure what you would have him say. He is also kind and respectful to others……even when viewpoints sometimes differ, as they often do on an open & honest forum such as this one. Anyway Dawn…… perhaps you just frustrated……many of us are. Wishing you and yours a lovely day.

As part of the Catan Universe team, I do feel it is my duty to answer the here posted hypothesis despite the fact that we already answered a lot to the mentioned topics above. Of course, most of the feasible RNG solutions for games are pseudo RNGs. Well… that always backfired! By describing the inner works with more common terms we do have a bigger chance of more Catanians understanding what is going on. That pseudo RNGs aren´t real RNGs and therefore the RNG is flawed. Also please keep in mind not every user does have either programming experience nor a deeper understanding of statistics. We used to describe it as such in many many many posts in the past and tried to explain how they work and that it is perfectly normal to use such a pseudo RNG. Because our users thought that this was the smoking gun!image

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