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imageWe will call it selected . This library has a function called randint() . Now, we generate a random number and save it in a variable. In this case, our dice goes between 1-6. The randint(min number, max number) requires 2 parameters (the lowest number and the highest number between we will pick our number randomly).

With the Blockchain technologies, the security requirement of IoT can be fulfilled [10], [15]. The following prominent features of Blockchain can contribute to the integrity of IoT applications and so enhance the IoT security:

61471129 , and National Key R&D Program of China under Grant NO. This work was supported, in part, by Ultimo Digital Technologies Pty Ltd under UCOT program, and also supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) under Grant NO.

The impact of massive IoT devices, limited computing power, crypto low communication bandwidth and error-prone radio links on the performance of Blockchain was studied. The state-of-the-art Blockchain technologies were analyzed in detail, followed by comparison of the technologies in terms of applicability to the IoT scenarios. Research directions were pointed out to improve capacity, security and. This paper surveyed the use of Blockchain to resolve the myriad of data security concerns in IoT.

Etherdice Bitcoin-based dice games Provably fair, enforced via smart contract Provably fair Deposits / ongoing bets are protected via smart contract Deposits / ongoing bets are at risk Contract might contain bugs, but those will hopefully be spotted over time Usually closed source.

For each round of gambling, the operator essentially 'rolls the dice' in advance, but does not reveal the result. The main functionality of the contract is to provide provably fair gambling. This approach has been made popular by Bitcoin-based dice games, cryptocurrency like Satoshi Dice. They do however reveal a scrambled version of the result (a hash), which the player may write down. The player then places their bet and contributes something of their own that will influence the final result (i.e. Here is more info on BNB look into the site. The operator is unable to cheat, as they don't know the player's bet beforehand and cannot change their dice afterwards, as it would no longer match the scrambled version to which they committed earlier. The final result is now determined and the operator pays out accordingly.

Through predatory purchases on credit, they were able to buy out competitors or grind them down. This is what BlackRock’s influence came from, and Gates, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and the WEF. What’s left are mega-glomerates of media, pharmaceuticals, and a sea of dark influence so vast that BlackRock commands more money than the GDP of every country bar China and the US, and Bill and Melinda Gates are the second largest "nation" funding the World Health Organization. The New Oligarchs speak with forked tongues, then crush the people who complain. All of them rode the wave of easy money and easy loans.

This can provide flexible network configurations, and reduce the risks of single-point failures. Blockchains can record transactions between multiple parties without central coordination. Decentralization: The peer-to-peer network setting of Blockchains is inherently suited for IoT networks which are typically distributed, for example, crypto Blockchain in VANET [16], [17].

However, existing Blockchain technologies can be inefficient for IoT applications, due to the aforementioned massive deployment of IoT devices, non-homogeneous network structure with strong partitioning, and subsequently huge sensory data and demands for high capacity in Blockchain (i.e., high transaction or block generation speed) [29]. Existing Blockchain technologies, which nearly unexceptionally operate at the application layer and neglect these physical aspects of networks and devices, substantially reduce the block generation speed to be far slower than the propagation, thus resulting in inefficient uses of Blockchain. In fact, the record generation speed needs to be restrained by the propagation speed of blocks, which are the data units of Blockchains. Particularly, physical characteristics of IoT devices and networks, such as limited bandwidth and connectivity, non-trivial network topology, and unpredictable link delays, can cause discrepancy or inconsistency between the records maintained in a distributed fashion at different locations.

Further the core function of Blockchain, namely, the consensus protocol, is analyzed from two key points, followed by represent Blockchain projects compared in the suitability in IoT applications. We first present three categories of current Blockchain networks and map IoT applications into suitable Blockchain categories. In this section, we discuss typical technologies of Blockchains which can be used in IoT applications.

Sidechain is a blockchain that runs in parallel to the main blockchain which extends functionality through interoperable blockchain networks allowing a decentralized way of transferring/synchronizing your tokens between the two chains. In other words, you can move your cryptocurrency to the sidechain and then back to the main chain.

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